All About the Notes, Take them, Taste Them (AATN) Mastermind Workshops focus on changing our conversations to progressive topics to move you forward. AATN Mastermind Workshops covered topics on wealth building, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and professional development.

Experienced professionals come to speak and share their knowledge at AATN Mastermind Workshops. The workshop is complemented with a wine tasting to balance the learning experience with an opportunity to connect and collaborate with others. Attendees often have the opportunity to win gifts that are raffled by I M companies and partners.

AATN is one of several I M Collaborative Achievement Relationship Development events that provide a forum to learn, network, share knowledge, and collaborate. It is free and you could possibly win gifts. You also received I M My Reward Points that can be used toward products and services. We make it easy for you to invest in your growth. All you have to do is show up!

Come connect with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and professionals to collaborate, share ideas, and expand your knowledge

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Topic:      The Art of Building Meaningful Business Relationships
Speaker: Darin C. Wright, CEO/President, The Wright Group Private Capital & Founder of I M Brands.
Date:      February 18, 2020
Time:      6:00PM
Where:  Total Wines - Essex Green, 495 Prospect Avenue West Orange, NJ
Cost:     Free


Standard AATN Format

  • Welcome, Networking, Collaborating
  • Introductions & Initial Raffles
  • Mastermind Workshop
  • Q & A
  • Wine Tasting
  • Collaboration & Additional Raffles (Must be present to win)
  • Closing

Previous Speakers include

  • Nicole B. Simpson, Certified Financial Planner, Topic: You are a Business
  • Wayne Sellers, Registerd Broker, Topic: Ways to Purchase a Home
  • Keith D. Wright, Ph.D., Topic: Servant Leadership

All About the Notes (AATN) Mastermind workshops will return on Feb 18, 2020.

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