All About the Notes, Take them, Taste Them (AATN) Mastermind Workshops focus on changing our conversations to progressive topics to move you forward. AATN Mastermind Workshops covered topics on wealth building, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and professional development.

AATN Mastermind Workshops cover topics on wealth building, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and professional development. Experienced professionals come to speak and share their knowledge at AATN Mastermind Workshops. The workshop is normally complemented with a structured wine tasting to balance the learning experience and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others. Attendees often have the opportunity to win gifts that are raffled by I M companies and partners.

AATN is one of several I M Collaborative Achievement Relationship Development events that provide a forum to learn, network, share knowledge, and collaborate. It is free and you could possibly win gifts. You also received I M My Reward Points that can be used toward products and services. We make it easy for you to invest in your growth. All you have to do is show up!

Come connect with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and professionals to collaborate, share ideas, and expand your knowledge

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Join us on Thursday, May 28st for our next All About the Notes Mastermind Workshop: Transforming Trials Into Triumphs - Positioning Yourself for a New Normal. Our presenter will share insight on how to transform your setbacks into victories. Mitchell will have a special guest speaker, Sonji Grandy who will share how she pivoted during the pandemic to transform her trials into triumphs.

Presenter: Mitchell Slade, MBA, CLC
Mitchell Slade, is the owner of GURU Life Coaching, LLC, founded in June 2019. Mitchell was led to the call to provide leaders with a support system to share their stories, share their hearts and most importantly provide a secure platform for leaders to share their vulnerabilities with others to let them know they are not in this alone. Mitchell is committed to empower, encourage, and educate others. Her call to action, Get Up Rise Up and Go Deeper everyday challenges others to dig deeper to finding a more meaningful life. Changing lives one session at a time over time.

Mitchell has spent over 30 years in Healthcare Management and Administration. She currently serves as the Director of Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) Clinically Integrated Physician Network where she is responsible for leading the company’s physician recruitment for all commercial value-based programs, provider experience, engagement and growth strategies. Under her leadership, physician membership has grown 59%. Mitchell developed and implemented HMH's first commercial value-based payment program. She is a member of HMH’s Women in Leadership and sits as Chair of the Evaluations and Feedback subcommittee.

Before joining HMH, Mitchell held several increasingly senior roles at Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey where she acquired decades of experience in the health care industry. Mitchell is also a founding principal in MD Healthcare Solutions Management, LLC. In this role, Mitchell is responsible for driving the strategic execution of MDHCMS’s vision through her leadership of the company’s commercial, government and specialty businesses through value-based alternative payment models.

Mitchell earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Peter’s University.

Take part in this free mastermind workshop. Unfortunately, there will not be a structured wine tasting session but feel free to bring your own! Come learn, connect, collaborate, and be empowered to move forward.

Topic:      Transforming Tragedy Into Triumphs - Positioning Yourself for a New Normal
Speaker: Mitchell Slade, MBA, CLC
Date:       May 28, 2020
Time:       7:00PM
Where:    Online (URL will be emailed to you after registration)
Cost:       Free


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